V. Mariotti S.r.l. has been designing and manufacturing material handling equipment since 1920. Today it specialises in the production of the world’s smallest electric forklift trucks, ranging from 400 to 1600 kg. The mission of this Italian company located near Turin is to solve the problems associated with handling and stacking of material and goods in confined spaces and in those working environments that are unsuitable for conventional machines. Mariotti’s trucks provide extreme versatility of use, both indoors and out, and can even replace classic warehouse equipments such as pallet jacks, pedestrian low lift pallet trucks and stand-on stackers. A Mariotti unit guarantees considerable savings. Every detail has been carefully thought out in order to maximise energy efficiency and reduce consumption. Moreover, its extreme reliability ensures there are very few downtimes and its versatility means it can be used for a variety of tasks, reducing fleet costs and operating times.