Our Product Support Center in Lemahabang, Bekasi, West Java, comprises of workshops, warehouses, and training centers within a 35,000 sqm area. With more than USD 10 million investment, our facility features a computerized inventory & parts system, which is connected with our branches, representative offices and work sites in other areas of Indonesia.

These customer support facilities include workshops and instruments to diagnose and repair all products. We have two types of dynamometers - one for engines and one for transmissions - which represent major investments in advanced diagnostic equipments and our priority for our service team to have the capability to analyze repairs and overhaul.

Proper on-field usage and maintenance of units are important to give the best return-of-investment to our customers. Therefore, we have opened our training centers for our customers operational teams, providing standard and specifically-designed classes, where their field operators can learn how to maintain their durability of the products.

Our training facilities also provide certification programs for our internal mechanics, thereby furnishing them with career paths, while at the same time, continuously improving our quality of service.



Supporting our service team’s activities throughout Indonesia, our facilities are designed to provide our customers with the most comprehensive services available.


Kobexindo have 3 workshops to rebuild and overhaul main components, i.e. in Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, and Jakarta.


PT Kobexindo Tractors Tbk conducts Engine Dynamometer Bench Test and/or Transmission Test in order to ensure the performance of every overhaul job before handing the units to our customers.


Our 4x4 vehicles ensure our support team will be able to reach our customers’ sites even in remote and hard to reach locations.



These facilities are designed specifically to satisfy our customers’ expectations of high parts availability and unit performance.


This program is an agreement between PT Kobexindo Tractors Tbk and our customers on the purchase of parts and services by credit terms. CCF/KKR allows our customers to enjoy extended payment terms along with increased parts stock thereby ensuring the units will continue to operate at a high level.


Our customers who own a minimum of 5 units in one location are qualified to participate in this program. We provide an agreed number of parts at their job sites. We will issue an invoice and audit the use of parts periodically.


This program is specially designed for our customers who own 20 units or to the value of USD 5M in one location. Kobexindo offers a complete package of manpower, parts monitoring system, warehouses, etc.